ISSUE WITH Control's behaviour inisde UPDATE PANEL - server side Button click event not firing inside (tabconatiner-tabpanel-usercontrol-button control) !!

 hii evry1..,

             i have an strange chk it out..


         aspx page:

            < asp:UpdatePanel ID="OUpdatePanel" runat="server" >
            <div style="position:absolute; left: 10px;top:56px; z-index: 102;">


                    <ajaxToolkit:TabContainer ID="tcFirst" runat="server"  ActiveTabIndex="0" CssClass="ajax__tab_yuitabview-theme" AutoPostBack="true" >
                        <ajaxToolkit:TabPanel ID="tpFirst" runat="server"   >
                        <ajaxToolkit:TabPanel ID="tpSecond" runat="server"   >
                <asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="tcFirst" 

     so...INSIDE UPDATEPANEL...i have a tabcontainer and inside which i have two tabpanels...whr on each tabpanel click i8 am dynamically loading webpage user controls....

     so "tpFirst"  panel click i am able to successlfly load some First.ascx cntrl...and aftr clciking tat i need to make this cntrl visiblity to false and load another cntrl say result.ascx which has a button...!so whn thz bttn is clickd the server side button is nt fired instead the page_load event of First.ascx is fired...wats the prob ????



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When an updatepanel updates, it goes through the entire page lifecycle, including the _Load events of the page and any controls.

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1/16/2008 2:59:36 PM

 so is there anyway to control it...i want the server side event of button_resultPage to be executed not the page_load of First.ascx !!!

so wat shal i do nw..??? 

ll give sample snippet to verify if u ask !!



1/17/2008 2:46:35 AM

Hi Softy,

Whenever a request comes, a new instance of the page that is being requested is created to serve the request even it’s a PostBack. All controls on the page are reinitialized, and there state can be restored from the ViewState in a later phase.

The dynamic controls have to be recreated again and added to the control hierarchy. Otherwise, they won’t exist in the page.

For more information about this topic, please refer to this article:

Creating Dynamic Data Entry User Interfaces[ ] Please read the article carefully.

Best regards,



Jonathan Shen
Microsoft Online Community Support
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1/22/2008 10:08:36 AM

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