How can I implement the following component using Ajax/ATLAS/Ajax Control Toolkit????

Hi All,

     I'd like to implement something a little bit simmilar to a TreeView (with 2 levels). The structure I'd like to present is a set of Groups where one of them can be selected and then it expands (and collapses any previouslly opened group) presenting the subgroups and clicking on one of them it also expands to show the elements (also closing the previouslly opened groups).

    MAIN GROUP 1 (opened)

    --- GROUP 1 (closed)

    --- GROUP2 (opened)

    --------- ELEMENT 1

    --------- ELEMENT2

   ---- GROUP3 (closed)

  MAIN GROUP 2 (closed)

  MAIN GROUP 3 (closed)

  For user experience purposes I think two Accordion controls nested would be a very nice solution ( The external one will have the panes containing a Accordion control containing the Groups as panes and within this one a table or grid containing the elements), but I have to get the internal elements (either groups or elements) from a business object when a item is selected and shall be expanded).

   Please could anyone tell me if it is possible and, if so, how can I implement this?


Thanks in advance,







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HI All,

     Still looking for an answer.. Could anyone help me?  I'm thinking about using  AJax directly through a javascript function, get a table according the layout I need and put it into a DIV using innerHtml instead of using the component (a worst using experince, but seems the reasonable solution right now)Sad


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