FileUpload control inside UpdatePanel inside user control inside popup


    The Asp.Net File Upload control is not working inside update panel. Acutally i have put the FileUpload control inside User Control again inside update panel. Since the update panel does async postback. The posted file is null in the server side. When i do full page level post back it works. but i have to put it inside update panel. How to do it?

Becuase the FileUpload control should be in Ajax Model Popup Extender where i have to put update panel to avoid closing of popup after fullpostback. Since the ajax model popup extender is getting closed after full post back. How to retain the popup opened state?

To simplify my questions,

   1. How to workout Fileupload control inside update panel without full post back?

   2. If full postback is compulsary, how to keep the ajax model popup opened after page level postback? because when i click save button in the popup, the main page is getting postback and the popup is closed. How to retain it?

Please assist me in this.




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I do not think the FileUpload control will work inside an UpdatePanel. By definition it requires a full page postback, which is what the UpdatePanel is designed to not cause. :)

Chris Love
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11/13/2008 1:40:26 PM


I'm agreed with the above. FileUpload doesn't support asynchronously uploading file with UpdatePanel. My suggestion is using IFrame to achieve uploading file without refreshing.

Please check this video and demo:


Vince Xu
Microsoft Online Community Support
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11/17/2008 4:12:13 AM

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