Atlas Extended Properties not working in the Properties tab of Visual Studio


I installed Atlas and the Atlas toolkit on my machine, and I can run the SampleWebsite without any problem. But when I create a new Atlas project, and try to add a control extender to a page, I don't get the extended properties in the properties tab of the controls that the control extender is supposed to extend (sorry about the contorted sentence ;))

Example: if I create a new 'Atlas web site' and add a TextBox to the Default.aspx page, then add a TextBoxWatermarkExtender, when I look at the Properties of the TextBox, all I see is an empty "TextBoxWaterMarkExtender" property, and I can't type anything into the property field! Also, if I try to expand the collapsible property by clicking on the + symbol, nothing happens, and the + symbol disappears.

This also happens if I try to add a control to any of the pages of the Atlas SampleWebSite. e.g. if I try and add one more confirm button to ConfirmButton.aspx in the SampleWebSite, the same thing happens.

The only way I found to overcome this problem, is to manually add a TextBoxWatermarksProperties tag in the source for each textbox I want to set a watermark for.

I think the extenders are supposed to work out-of-the box, at least I saw them working fine in the webcast I watched, and I can't figure out why they don't work like that for me...

Does anyone have a clue about this?

Thank you in advance

Marco Anastasi

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I have the exact problem

I added a button and a confirmbuttonextender. the extender shows up on the button properties but when you click the (+) to extend it, the (+) vanishes and there are no properties.

I have the sample site running fine and the button does have the properties showing in the sample projects but not in the apps i create.

Please send us clues!



9/11/2006 1:44:02 AM
I managed to solve the problem :) All you need to do is use the latest Atlas source files and everything will work fine. You can download the latest version from codeplex under the Source Code tab ;)
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9/11/2006 10:22:29 AM
Thanks Marco!
9/11/2006 8:23:48 PM
My pleasure :)
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9/11/2006 11:44:53 PM

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