ScriptManager on Master page, Update Panel on Content page, not firing ?


I have a pretty big content page.On it I have a drop down list that does a post back to hide or show filters for a search and a search button. When the search button is clicked I would like a gridview to be updated.

I have tried putting the update panel around the search dropdown, etc. and the grid view. When I do that I get errors: Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'this.get_element().style' is null or not an object

So then I tried to put the update panel just around the grid view by turning off child triggers and setting the async post back trigger of the update panel to be the search button Click event.

That didn't work.

Then I added the updatePanel.Update() to the code behind on Click event.

That also didn't work.

How do I do this?
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I do not know exactly your codes, but the error is obvious.

The problem is with your codes to hide or show filters. When the JS error tell that accessed object is null, then it means that the object (filter) is hidden when you are calling the JS function, so it can't find the object and raises an error.

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Fro 'this.get_element().style' see this

A page registers a control as a trigger by calling the RegisterAsyncPostBackControl(Control) method. The code refreshes the UpdatePanel control programmatically by calling the Update() method.


Chetan Sarode
Software Engineer,
Approva Systems Pvt Ltd,
Pune, India.
5/16/2008 3:41:23 AM


From what you describe, it should work fine.  Could you post some of your code so we can work through it a little to identify the issue?


James Ashley, Magenic Technologies
5/16/2008 5:17:20 PM

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