client side click handler / server-side command event doesn't fire

I am rewriting an old control of mine to be more AJAX-friendly. It is a subclass of Button that disables itself when clicked, so that the user can't, say, double post a credit card payment. I have some javascript code for the prototype including this:

_onClick : function(e) {

if(this.get_element() && !this.get_element().disabled && this._DisableAfterClick == true) {

this.get_element().disabled = true;

if (this._DisabledText != null && this._DisabledText.length > 0) {

this.get_element().value = this._DisabledText;





In its current state, the button gets disabled but no postback occurs. If I uncomment the line, then, the form posts, but not the "OnCommand" postback from my button. I have tried various other iterations of __doPostBack, PageRequestManager.getInstance()._doPostBack, etc. but nothing seems to result in the command event firing. If I take out the $addhandler line of the js file that hooks up the click event, the Command event works fine but obviously the button doesn't get disabled. What am I missing here? The old non-AJAX friendly code simply added the following JS to onclick and worked fine:

"document.getElementsByName('" + oneClickButtonName + "').item(0).setAttribute('name'," +
     "this.getAttribute('name')); this.disabled = true; " +
     (DisabledText == String.Empty ? String.Empty : "this.value = '" + DisabledText + "';") +

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