button click event not firing for dynamic buttons added on PreRender of the updatepanel

i have a webpage with an updatepanel updatepanel1.
i am adding controls dynamically to the updatepanel on the prerender event.
i am using the prerender event as i want to get the latest bata from the
database which include the data i have inserted on my last button click.
But the button click event is not getting trigged on clicking the button.
Here is the sample code in PreRender

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT Heading, ID FROM tblNews ORDER BY ID
;", conn);
SqlDataReader sqlData =

while (sqlData.Read())
lblHeading = new Label();
lblHeading.Font.Bold = true;
lblHeading.Text = sqlData.GetValue(0).ToString()+"<br/>";

btnDelete = new Button();
btnDelete.ID = sqlData.GetValue(1).ToString();
btnDelete.Style.Add("float", "right");
btnDelete.Text = "Delete";
btnDelete.Click += new EventHandler(btnDelete_Click);

Can someone let me know what is the problem?
How i can overcome that problem.

Thanks in Advance.


7/7/2008 9:40:17 PM
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in order for dynamically created controls to raise events, they must be re-added to the page on all subsequent postbacks by page_load at the latest.

FAQ: http://forums.asp.net/t/1186195.aspx

Mike Banavige

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7/8/2008 12:31:18 AM

You have to add the control on each postback with same ID.

The ID's are important for the event mechanism.

Just look the following article, you will get an idea


Chetan Sarode
Software Engineer,
Approva Systems Pvt Ltd,
Pune, India.
7/8/2008 3:14:25 AM

I am saving the user entered data to the database on another static button click event on the page.
I want the latest data to be displayed.
i am not getting the latest data if i populate the dynamic controls at page load, as the button click event is firing only after the page load event.

Is there any way that i could display the latest data from the database and at the same time add dynamic controls??

Thanks for your reply.

7/8/2008 3:48:11 PM

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