Using ALTAS to Send Email (Email Form)

Hello all.

I have yet to find anywhere an example on how one might use the underlying ATLAS API (not the fancy controls that come with it) to send a simple email from a simple webform.

Can anyone point one out for me? Or maybe someone has an example tucked away somewhere that they might want to let out ino the public?


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There is nothing special about sending e-mail with "Atlas". On the client you can use a link with the "mailto:" pseudo protocol, to fire up the default e-mail client. See mailto protocol for more information.

On the server you can use the features in the System.Web.Mail namespace to send mail. A code sample is available here.

Hope this helps,
-- Karsten
6/7/2006 12:56:12 AM

I think you misunderstood the question. I figured it out nonetheless.

For anyone who happens upon this topic. Check out the tutorials in the msdn atlas docs. You're looking for the one which explains how to use a web service with hello world. Write your email routines in the webservice and use a js function to fire off the email routine async.


6/7/2006 6:23:19 PM

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