Tab Index Always starts at Index 0

When I call Update() on the Panel my TabIndex always starts at 0.  Is there a simple way to ask the AJAX Manager to remember its tab order.  I have a MasterPage with the ScriptManager on it.  I have a Telerik user tab control with several Ajax update panels on each user control.  On the First User Control when I change a Textbox or Combobox and call the Update on the panel the everthing seems to work great except focus always returns to the Telerik tab control.

 Before I switch to the AJAX (Released) I use to call a method on the Telerik AJaxManager (ajaxManager.ControlFocus()) and it would set the focus to the next tab index on the control.  Is there something like this in ASP.NET Ajax or do I have to do javascript and handle the tab order.  If I have to use Javascript does anyone have any sample code of what it would look like and how it would work.


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Ok, I have part of the answer now:  I get the Current ScriptManager for the page and call SetFocus() passing the Control.ClientID I want to set focus too.  This gets me to the Control that I changed, now I need to get to the next control in the TabIndex.

protected void PrimaryInterestRate_TextChanged( object sender, EventArgs e )
    _activeCalculator.PrimaryInterestRate = PrimaryInterestRate.Text;
    PropertyChange( PrimaryInterestRate );

private void PropertyChange( Control changedControl )
   // do so stuff:

   ScriptManager s = (ScriptManager)ScriptManager.GetCurrent(Page);
   s.SetFocus( changedControl.ClientID );


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