Server side Generating and client side executing javascript


 This is a really basic question.  If one has a piece of code on the server side that generates some javascript, how do you inject and execute this script n the client side?  For example, I have a server side function that inserts a bunch of calls to a the javascript function foo(), such as foo(1); foo(2);.....How can insert these calls into my webpage so that they are executed on a periodic basic.  I assume I would use an script manager tag, and inside this tag I would have an update panel, but am unsure where to go after that.



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you can insert javascript code to a page with the object "Page.ClientScript", e.g.:

if (!manager.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("somecodefile.js"))
  manager.RegisterClientScriptInclude("somecodefile.js", scriptBlockName);
Or you create javascript inside the block:
private void CreateOnMouseOverHandler()
   ClientScriptManager manager = this.Page.ClientScript;
   if (!manager.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered(JS_ONMOUSEOVERHANDLER))
	StringBuilder scriptBlock = new StringBuilder();
	scriptBlock.Append("function " + JS_ONMOUSEOVERHANDLER + "(source, hiddenFieldName, offImage) {\r\n ");
	scriptBlock.Append("\ = 'hand';\r\n");
	scriptBlock.Append("\tvar checked = document.getElementById(hiddenFieldName);\r\n");
	scriptBlock.Append("\tif(checked.value == 'True' && offImage.length == 0)\r\n");
		and so on ...
	manager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), JS_ONMOUSEOVERHANDLER, scriptBlock.ToString(), true);
Marc Andre
2/5/2007 6:19:33 AM

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I am curious to know what the advantages and disadvantages are to using the client side declarative style AJAX controls vs. the server side.  I can't seem to think of too many reasons why I would go to the client side libraries when I can use all the power of ASP.NET (debugging, compiling, controls) and just wrap them in a UpdatePanel.   It also seems kind of counter productive to use the client side libraries because they don't utilize all the cool new developments of ASP.NET.  Am  I missing something?  Do the client AJAX libraries give you more flexibility?  Can the two, client and server libraries, be used together in one site?  Just curious to see how people are using one vs. the other and the benefits.  Thanks-   Hi,while everyone has got its opinions and feelings about the server-centric and client-centric programming models, IMHO one thing must be stated clearly: all the MS AJAX stuff is built on top of the client-side library, from the UpdatePanel to all the Control Toolkit extenders (that wrap special client-side components called "behaviors") to the drag and drop functionality, templated client controls, bindings, transformers, declarative syntax, animations...The power comes from the client-side library :) Alessandro Gallo | Blog | My book: ASP.NET AJAX In Action IMHO with the server side approach using UpdatePanel you have more productivity, because you can work as...

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I have a question which is, when building a .net project, we are able to use server side code and client side code(java script). How do they communicate? Thanks Client Side coding works with the WebBrowser. So when ever you write client side code you have to keep browser compatability in your mind and you have to code. Server Side code works with Web Server (IIS) and it's ASPNET ISAPI's. The won't directly communicate with each other. But using AJAX you can all server side code from Client Side! Example article on Ajax@ Thanks, May I say, when an user clicks a button, pop up box show up. are they communicate? When User Clicks on Button, a popup comming means, on that Button onclick event you might have some Client Side JavaScript. That's why you got popup. So are they communicate? As Browser will act for onclick event, message box shows up. Is click and Sever on sommunicating for this. No it's puerly client side event. But some times, when you click button it submitts to server and does some process as you needed and get's the results back, in that instance you can think browser send request to server and server process it and responds back to browser. hope I made it clear to you!  Sreedharhttp://www.w3coder.orgweblog

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