Getting JavaScipt Error Intermittently While using AJAx Update Panel, AJAX Toolkit Control

I am using UpdatePanel, ModalPopupExtender and CollapsiblePanelExtender in my ASP.NET. Locally on WinXP, everythng is working okay. But on production envirnment, I am getting JavaScript errors intermittently. I am pasting error below. When I try to debug, it shows error in "ScriptResource.xsd?d=xxxxxxx"

Error: 'ig_csom' is undefined

// use igcsom.getElementById wherever is possible
function igtbl_getElementById(tagId)
    if(!document) return;
    var obj=ig_csom.getElementById(tagId);    <======================= ERROR IS HERE
    if(obj && obj.length && typeof(obj.tagName)=="undefined")
        var i=0;
        while(i<obj.length && (obj[i].id!=tagId || !igtbl_isVisible(obj[i]))) i++;
        if(i<obj.length) obj=obj[i];
        else obj=obj[0];
    return obj;

Did anyone get this issue and knows solution? Please let me know, if you need more information to understand the issue. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you, but I am seeing the same thing. When I debug it also takes me to this same code. I am hoping that a second posting might help get this noticed.

 Thanks in advance for any help.

Anthony Farr
4/29/2008 12:33:06 PM

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