Does AJAX.NET work with SQL server connections?


 I have an application that uses SQL server as backend. The application has 5 drop down lists and the contents of the bottom 4 list depends on the item selected in drop down list 1 (think of it as cascading drop down lists if you will). Each of these lists pull data from a SQL database. The application works fine - the only issue is the delay in pulling data. I tried to "ajaxify" this (by including a ScriptManager, UpdatePanel and doing the necessary web.config edits), but it doesn't do the trick.

Is there a better solution for this? I looked at the Cascading drop down list video, which uses the Ajax Control Toolkit, but that requires a webservice and I'm not sure if that fits for my application. Any thoughts/comments/ideas?

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Most likely, the delay is network related, which AJAX isn't going to solve... AJAX could make it more user friendly by using the update progress control.  Cascading drop down works pretty nice, and the web service could be an inner page method.  I forget how that all works, but it isn't hard at all.


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AJAX or not, you should look into caching the data if the database is a bottleneck. 

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I tried to "ajaxify" this (by including a ScriptManager, UpdatePanel and doing the necessary web.config edits), but it doesn't do the trick

When the drop downs contains many items (large viewstate!), the updatepanel solution could be slow.

Try cascading dropdown from the toolkit also, if it doesn't speed up, the db could be weak point.

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Yup, Cascading Dropdown works like a charm 

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