Calling a server side method from javascript without page methods

Hi everyone.

 I'm trying to do some like this:

 if (confirm("foo") == true) {



Of course, I can call this function using PageMethods, but since this function in my code behind shold be static, I cannot call others methods inside my class.

Is there any way to call serer side methods without using PageMethods?


Thanks, and sorry for my bad english!

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You can use ajax to call a webservice from javascript. Check out this article on how to do it:

Hope it helps

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Hi Everyone :) 

@Klaus Byskov Pedersen

I alread tryed using web services and it works fine, but it's not the case. 



Nice! It works! I noticed that I had to catch this requent inside my OnPageLoad and call the appropriated methods. Now one more question: And if I want do catch this postback inside an WebControl? Actualy I'm catching the postback event inside my control's OnInit event. Is it the right way?


Thanks a lot by the answers.

11/28/2007 10:51:56 AM

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