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What is the difference?  It seems like jquery is only for dom manipulation, not for building a client-side framework (components, classes, etc).  So ajax seems to be the better approach if going for that, however I see that jquery is all the rave.  I recently read Daniel Larson's "Developing Service-Oriented AJAX Applications on the Microsoft Platform", which I thought was an excellent book and would like to use as a basis for writing my own client-framework.  He doesn't use jquery at all.  Would I benefit from it?  How would it fit into a design like is demonstrated in that book, as I really want to use his, but feel like I'd be missing out on jquery (but it seems more straightforward than jquery and why mix up the two in code anyway (since jquery looks pretty different to me) - why not just use ajax)??  Anyone have any opinions?

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jQuery is basically like the ASP.NET AJAX Client Framework (MicrosoftAjax.js), with selectors, DOM manipulation, plugins, and better animation support.  On the client side jQuery is really much more powerful than MS AJAX.  That's why they've decided to start bundling it with VS in the future, instead of trying to reinvent that wheel in MicrosoftAjax.js.

jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX aren't necessarily mutually exclusive though.  For example, using MS AJAX to automatically JSON serialize the return from an ASMX service is very useful.

Take a look at the jQuery category on my blog for some examples of using jQuery on the client with ASP.NET AJAX on the server.

Encosia - ASP.NET, AJAX, and more.

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ASP.Net Ajax and JQuery are different framework on client. You can use ASP.Net Ajax with JQuery if you'd like to. Please check this article by Scott Gu:

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I'm a newbie here, Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of using AJAX vs. jQuery with AJAX in applications?

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Firstly, they are not on the same layer. Ajax is an technology to achieve partial refresh. There are lot of Ajax framework, ASP.Net Ajax, Ajax.Net and so on. Whereas JQuery is a framework of JavaScript as well as pototype.

JQuery encapsulate some convenient method to achieve JavaScript funcitionality. Especially in DOM operation. Of course, it has functionality of Ajax too. If you wanna more information, please post a new thread for your own.

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Now that Microsoft is adopting jQuery, does this mean that the plans are to fully drop the javascript framework in favor of jQuery? I am asking this because our web developers are going to start to "Web 2.0" enable our web sites and they are going to need training. Therefore we were asking ourselves whether we should focus on JQuery our the ASP.NET Ajax javascript framework. If I have to trust my gut feeling I would say to go for JQuery, right?

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I read Scott Guthrie's post about the subject, but didn't clearly understand whether Microsoft will stop the development of the ASP.Net AJAX JavaScript framework (I mean just the parts concerned with DOM manipulation and basic JavaScript extensions, not the XMLHttpRequest wrapper engine) in favor to jquery?

 This appears to be confusing, because we now have 2 frameworks, 2 ways to do things.

5/4/2009 10:44:38 AM


Indeed both ajax and jQuery are javascript based framework but the area which ajax covers is more broad compared to that of jQuery . Basically jQuery is used to manipulate the DOM with its powerfull in built features of DOM selectors and various other methods . And all of them primarly target dom manipulation . Whereas ajax offers more when it comes to overall application development . With ajax you can create server controls, extender's etc based on your requiremnets . I also prefer ajax over jQuery whenever I have to make a db query using webmethods since it is more clean and easy to use . Already ajax 2.0 framework is out and 4.0 is on its way . Also I feel two is better than one . If you can understand where to use jQuery and where to put ajax , then its a win win situation for you.


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