AJAX 'Sections' of Web.Config Causing Web Site Not to Open

Using ASP.NET 2.0, in a Web Application Project, c#, we are having a problem getting the web site to open when we load a web.config file which enables AJAX.  This web config file works on the dev server here in the office, and on the customer's dev server.  (It has been set up for AJAX since last February). Whenever we load the same web.config file into the prod server, we simply get a blank screen where the entry screen should be.  It looks like the app is shutting sown as soon as it runs the web config file.

Does anything need to be installed on the prod server?  The those running the customer's server do not remember installing anything on  the customer's test server last February.

 The app files contain these dll s in the bin folder:

WebClaims.dll (the compiled file for the app in general)
ClaimsReportClasses.dll (for the reports)

If anyone has any ideas, or a pointer to an article on the topic, it would be much appreciated.

Mike Thomas 









11/18/2008 4:30:15 PM
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On Production server, you need to put WebResource.asx and ScriptResource.axd under your virtual direction to support it.


Hope it can help you.

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11/18/2008 5:23:25 PM

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