AJAX on iis7 not working on web host but works on my iis6 Development Server

I have AJAX on my asp.net 2.0 site, my development server has iis 6 and have recently begun using a web host that supports AJAX and runs iis 7.  Everything runs fine exept AJAX.  I don't even get an error it usually just performs a full post back when I click on an AJAX link.       

I have been searching for weeks for something to help me.  By the way, my web.config does contain:

<xhtmlConformance mode="Transitional" />

I would really appriciate any help on this matter, I have run out ideas on this one.  Thank you in advance.

2/18/2009 2:23:50 PM
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Hi tcolpitts
In this scenario, I would like to suggest you try to make sure the version of ASP.NET and System.Web.Extensions are same.
And there is another thread which talks about ASP.NET AJAX and IIS setting, I would like to suggest you have a look:
By the way, you can also post the question on the IIS7 forum for help:



Lance Zhang
Microsoft Online Community Support

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2/23/2009 9:49:23 AM

Thank you for your reply. 

The system.web.extensions are the same.  I looked at the thread you recommended.  I am not sure what the following means in that post: .axd extension was not setup in IIS for the virtual directory

Since I am using a web host, I am not sure that I can check this.

 I did post this on the IIS forum and was told that nothing in IIS will affect this.

Any other ideas?

2/24/2009 2:09:03 PM
I just figured out the problem. It was the Plesk handlers inside the web.config, when I removed them, AJAX works! I wonder why. I thought I had to have that code in the web.config or I wouldn't be able to manage site through my Plesk panel but it seems fine. Do you foresee a problem with removing the Plesk Handlers?   Thank you for your time.
2/24/2009 3:24:52 PM

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