AJAX Method isn't getting called

 Hi All,

    I am using AJAX to populate a textbox(txtFac) based on the values in a dropdown(ddlyear) and a textbox(txtproj) on click of a button(btnView).

Problem is:- The AJAX method isn't called Yes

Code in the javascript Yes

eh.addEvent($("btnView"), 'click', function() {   
}, false);

function fnValidate()
       var varInvtyr = frmGiEiaEdit.document.getElementById("ddlyear");      
       var varGIProject = frmGiEiaEdit.document.getElementById("txtProj");        
       if(varInvtyr.options[varInvtyr.selectedIndex].text==" ")
        alert("Select a year");       
        return false;       
       else if(varGIProject.value.length == 0)
        alert("Enter a project Value");       
        return false;  
     function getGiEiaValues()
       var varInvtYrValue=frmGiEiaEdit.document.getElementById("ddlyear");
       var varGIProjectValue = frmGiEiaEdit.document.getElementById("txtproj");

       //Calling Method in Ajax , this isn't getting called     Yes
    function getFieldTableCallback(response) {     
    if (response.error) {
        alert("GiEiaValues error: " + response.error.Message);
    else {
        alert("else - getFieldTableCallback");
        var org = $("txtFac");
        if (org) {
            var table = response.value;
            if (table && table.Rows && table.Rows.length == 1) {

               //Name of the Column which i want to populate in textbox EIAFactor Yes
                var varEIAFactor = table.Rows[0].EIAFactor;
                if (varEIAFactor) {                                       

Code in Ajax  Yes

<AjaxPro.AjaxNamespace("GIEIAMethods")> _
Public Class GIEIAMethods
    <AjaxPro.AjaxMethod()> _
    Public Function GetGIEIAData(ByVal InvtYr As Short) As DataTable

        //Hard coded the value for time being Yes
        Return DataAccessTier.GIEIADataMethods.GetGIEIAData(InvtYr, "0000345")
    End Function
End Class

I registered this namespace in .aspx.vb file  Yes

10/31/2008 4:22:35 PM
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Are all the controls in the same update panel?

I love to display the non-secure items...
Charlie Asbornsen
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10/31/2008 5:47:14 PM

These forums are for ASP.NET AJAX, I think you are looking for information in AJAX.NET wich is a different framework, check this link:


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10/31/2008 6:03:08 PM

 I am n't using Update Panel

10/31/2008 8:33:22 PM

Yeah sorry, that's ASP.Net stuff which is what this forum is usually for.  I apologize for the confusion.

I love to display the non-secure items...
Charlie Asbornsen
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11/3/2008 4:38:48 PM

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