AJAX Master Page, AJAX Web Form and AJAX Client Control Question?

I gues to get the ball rolling I have VS 2008 and I am creating ASP.NET websites. I have programmed with VS 2005 and always had to add AJAX features by hand. Now in VS 2008 you have new templates

AJAX Master Page, AJAX Web Form, AJAX Client Behavior, AJAX Client Control, AJAX Client Library, AJAX-embeded WCF Service

On these three templates AJAX Master Page, AJAX Web Form and AJAX Client Control. What makes them different from normal templates? Is it just a matter of adding the script manager to the page or is using a AJAX Master Page have a huge benefit over doing individual pages? I have search the net and have not found any good Pros and Cons info on them. Most of the stuff I find is VS 2005 and AJAX Toolkit you install be hand.

Can someone please post back info or place to find info on major or minor differences or reasons for using AJAX ones over standard template w/o AJAX.

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2/21/2008 7:45:25 PM
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There's no fundamental difference.  The AJAX templates just start you off with a web.config that has all of the needed configuration settings.

If you manually updated the web.config of an existing site to use the AJAX extensions, the end result would be the same.

Encosia - ASP.NET, AJAX, and more.

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2/22/2008 12:16:27 AM


Thanks for the post back. I figured it was something like that but wanted to make sure of it. It is so odd that there is not any post or docs that I can find online about some new features to VS 2008.

George - (iamtgo3) www.ipdg3.com
(AS / CADD / CompTIA A+ Certified / CompTIA Network+ Certified / MCSA / MCP / MCT)
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2/22/2008 12:35:06 AM

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