How to Get the Currently Logged in Computer User within the Web Page

I'm creating an ASP.Net web application and the requirement is that users on our intranet ( AD-LDAP authenticated ) have the option, when first browsing to the logon page, to either be logged on through their current user account automatically, or be given a chance to log on as a different user. So the Logon page needs to be able to determine who is currently logged on to the computer. How can I do this?

I have the LDAP forms-based authentication working already.

Thanks Very Much in Advance.




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Just after I posted I found Environment.UserName, which returns the same name as Page.User.Identity.Name.

Are these reading from the same source? Is there any difference at all?

Thanks, Curt. 


5/15/2008 8:02:37 PM

There can be a difference between the two if you use impersonation. The recommendation is to use User.Identity.Name although both is valid.

See for a description of the differences.

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