Compare a Group's objectSid to a user's primaryGroupId

Dunnry, this question is related to my quest that you solved yesterday about how to get a primary group for a user. The difference is this time I try to a a list of users that are member of a given group.

When using the member property to get a list of members of a given Group (e.g. GroupA), it didn't list those users whose primaryGroup is GroupA. So I am thinking to use a filter like (primaryGroupID= GroupA's Objectsid) when search users.

However, the GroupA's objestSid is byte[] type, and the primaryGroupID is int type. Though the method in yesterday's post "CreatePrimaryGroupSID" can convert the int primaryGroupID to byte[] type, but here I need to convert the byte[] type objectSid of the group to a int type so I can use the (primaryGroupID=**) directly to get those users whose primary group is GroupA.  How to do this? Or is it a better way to find out users whose primary group is a given group?


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I found out that I should get the PrimaryGroupToken of the group and use it in the filter (PrimaryGroupID=PrimaryGroupToken) so I can get a list of users whose primary group is the given group.

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