what's difference between Accesss DataBase and Sql Sever about Sql String(or Command),Sql StoreProcedure ?

i am being dirty to Access DataBase from Sql Sever Database for my new work.
But the sql string of Access sounds like a little different,can i use  the sql string of SqlSever for Access database,too?
another question is: Does Access DataBase support Sql StoreProcedure??? when i worked in Access2000 ,did not see any about StoreProcedure,but i download a file named AccessHelper.cs  , some function of it looks like support StoreProcedure,Does it?  
i want to fly ...
10/29/2005 10:39:41 AM
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Hi dkzeng ,

Your first question 

    The string of both sqlsever and access are based on SQL standard. However there are a little of different in the string of SQL. You can go to the reference websites of sqlserver or access to get more detail information.

the second question
   As your said, Storeprocedure  is supported in Access, nevertheless the storeprocedure is not named "storeprocedure" like sqlserver. It is called "Query" in Access, I think that you can find that easily. Moreover the function of query in access is more simple than of the storeprocedure in sqlserver. 

  You should master this tools in short period base on you with more experiences of sqlserver.

Good Luck!
10/30/2005 5:06:02 AM

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