Using Multiple Access Databases, and needing to edit the utils.vb file

Hey guys, I had purchased a program that creates a fully functional form from my access database because I was not well versed in asp. I've learned alot of customizing the pages aftwards but still need some guidance. In my utils.vb file i Have

 "imports system
imports system.web.ui
imports system.web.ui.webcontrols
imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions
public class utils : inherits page
public strConn as string="PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE=" & Server.MapPath(".") & "/db/clockin.mdb""

All my pages point to here as a reference I'm assuming so that I don't have to initate a connection for every page in my folder.

What if, I have more than one database that I want to connect to? Can I just append another line after /db/clockin.mdb so that it would read
"db/clockin.mdb" &"/db/clockin1.mdb" &"/db/clockin2.mdb" etc .?

Or would I have to do something totally different?

But if i did it this way, how would my pages know which database to use when I do a select from statement?

This is what I have a hard time undestanding, if anyone can please enlighten me I would highly appreciate it.

thanks you guys are great.

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You have to create separate connection string for each mdb database, each connection string could point only to one database.

But if you use SQL server you can call object from another database by including database name in the table name so maybe you can switch to SQL Express?



2/23/2007 5:44:57 PM

It would it have to be something like

Accessdatasourcecontrol1.connectionstring = strcon and
accessdatasourcecontrol2.connectionstring = strcon ? so that when I'm referencing a select from it would know where I'm going to?

 In addition to SQL, the host I'm using allows for me to have a sql database. I was hoping to migrate my data from access to a mdf file? so i can upload that and use that as my database. The only thing stopping me is reports. The reason why I'm not using one huge access db, is because I need to d/l it, run my reports, print them. I don't want to d/l a huge report. Also, I don't have access to crystal reports and my hosting company does not offer it.


2/23/2007 5:55:46 PM

Accessdatasourcecontrol1.connectionstring = strcon1

accessdatasourcecontrol2.connectionstring = strcon2

should work.

You can try to use SQL reporting services if they have them on your web server, but it is a lot of extar work probably to convert your reports from Access to Reporting services?



2/23/2007 6:05:50 PM
ah ic, well.. I won't need to convert reports.. I mean they're just basic reports, so if sql has a feature that will allow me to print out my custom reports, and if the reports are easy to create, then I will definately switch.
2/23/2007 6:17:50 PM
I should actually clarify that. The reports that I have in access are a multipage report. Pretty much it'll spit out 10-15 pages of data thats been formatted by the report and allow me to print all the pages in that format. I don't know if the sql reports can offer that.
2/23/2007 6:47:02 PM

check information about reporting service for SQL server and you will see that this is Microsoft replacement for Crystal Reports you can do all what you could do in other report engines and maybe more?. You can export reports in different formats and report is generated directly to web page and user can export it the way he wonts. The only problem is that you have to have reporting service installed on the server.



2/23/2007 9:38:34 PM

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