selecting month from a date and using it in a SQL Where?


I have a long list of events sorted on dates.
I want to shorten down the list by only showing the dates from one month.

My selectcommand looks like this, so far: SELECT [date], [event] FROM [calendar] ORDER BY [date]"

Is there a way to use WHERE Month(date)=01 ?

or DateTime.Now.Month?



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 You can use the DatePart function:

WHERE DatePart(m, [date]) = 1

I hope that helps. 

3/11/2008 3:58:50 PM

It'll take a combination of the SUBSTRING and CONVERT functions:

SELECT [date], [event], FROM [calendar] WHERE SUBSTRING(CONVERT(varchar(24), [date], 101), 0, 3)=@monthParameter ORDER BY [date]


i know that "101" looks like a magic constant.  Refer to this to see what it means in the convert function:



 Ooooh, wow.  Nice doyle, I like that better.


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Is there a way to use WHERE Month(date)=01 ?


WHERE MONTH([date])=1 should work fine.  Alternatively, use the DatePart function as mentioned by someone else, with a small correction:

WHERE DATEPART('m', [date]) = 1

You need quotes around the part of the date in Access, as the function takes a string.  SQL Server doesn't need them because it uses symbols.



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3/12/2008 8:18:09 AM


It'll take a combination of the SUBSTRING and CONVERT functions:


Neither SUBSTRING or CONVERT are available in Access.


Regards Mike
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3/12/2008 8:19:28 AM

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