getting date in between 2 date

how do i get the date in if it is within the 2 date?

er... don't know how to phrase
i think my sql is something like this:
SELECT * From Transaction WHERE Date BETWEEN 01/08/1900 AND 31/08/2000
BTW i declare my Date as date/time(short date)
is it possible with the sql?
it display Syntax error in FROM clause.
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SELECT * From [Transaction] WHERE [Date] BETWEEN #01/08/1900# AND #31/08/2000#

Now, this presumes that the machine in question is expecting dates in dd/mm/yyyy format. Note that Transaction and Date are likely reserved words, and so I have enclosed them in [ and ]. I use # to delimit the dates. Most SQL versions use ' rather than # (and it is possible that you need to use ' in ADO.NET as well even for Access databases - I would try both).
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