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I have an access database server and a sql server DB. The  Structure of both DB is same .

The data is updated or inserted in access DB.

I want to update SQL Server DB on a any event say button click. All updated data or new data in access DB should be reflected on SQL Server DB .

Can anyone guide on the approach to be attempted.



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ONe approach would be to use the System.Data.OleDb library and store connection strings for each database in your web.config file.  Each time you need to insert or update:

1. Write a method that does the insert / update that takes a connection string as an input parameter and uses the OleDB library since it can work with both types of database without coding changes.

2. Each time you need to insert / update, call your function and pass in the Access connection string.

3. Then call the same insert / update function this time passing in the SQL Server connection string.

Is there a reason why you need to different database to contain the exact same data?  It seems wasteful in terms of both storage capacity and performance.

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Thanks for your response. Actually Access DB is the main huge DB  where our DB maintainance team put their data.

For our dev website we are using SQL Server and converting all application on SQL Server.Its a kind of subset to Access DB. They are not interested in entering data manually twice or use any web form feilds to populate Sql server DB.So we are trying to find a decent solution to this.



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