.NET 3.5 SP1 & ADO.NET Entity Framework Clarification

I'm a little confused, can someone please clarify, with the recent release of .NET 3.5 SP1....  does that include an official "release" of the ADO.NET Entity Framework?  Or is the framework still in early pre-release stages?


Matt Brown
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8/15/2008 7:40:29 PM
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Entity Framework is officially released and is part of SP1. Sweet times, sweet times.

This is the official forum for it: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=533&SiteID=1

The forum was not renamed yet, but don't let it mislead you. It -IS- part of SP1 and is RTM, I'm already using it in some new projects :)

8/15/2008 7:55:49 PM

Sweet times indeed!

Thanks for the reply.

Matt Brown
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8/16/2008 12:24:57 AM

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