WebService DW is working but WS Proxy is not working


 I'm trying to use  .NET WebServices in PB11.5 and i am using proxy
for internet connection.
I created DW .NET WebServices but i couldn't execute in powerbuilder
design time. but it is working
with below source code.

 int ii_return
 wsconnection ws_1
 ws_1 = create wsconnection

ws_1.ProxyServerHostName = "proxyname"
ws_1.ProxyServerPort = 80
ws_1.ProxyServerUserName = "username"
ws_1.ProxyServerPassword = "password"
ws_1.AuthenticationMode = "basic"

ws_1.Endpoint = "http://www.webservice.com/webservice1"
ws_1.UserName	= "User"
ws_1.Password	= "paswd"

ii_return = dw_1.setwsobject (ws_1)
ii_return = dw_1.Retrieve()
CATCH ( RuntimeError re )
   MessageBox( "Caught error", re.getMessage() )


 i created Web Service proxy and i am trying to use web service
methods. i tried every methods about proxy connection. i didn't
success proxy connection and i removed my proxy connection than it is
giving  WS Authentication Error

isc_conn = create SoapConnection

      rc = isc_conn.CreateInstance(pw_service,
		CASE 100
			sMsg = "Invalid proxy name - " +  "p_kaskopolicyinfoservice"
		CASE 101
			sMsg = "Failed to create proxy"
		CASE 0
			sMsg = ""
			sMsg = "Unknown error (" + String(rc) + ")"
	if rc <> 0 then	MessageBox("Invocation Error", sMsg, Exclamation!)

CATCH (RuntimeError rte)
	rc = -1
	MessageBox("Runtime Error", rte.text, Exclamation!)

// I tried bellow methods
//rc = isc_conn.SetProxyServer ("proxyname",80, "user", "paswd")
//rc = isc_conn.SetOptions ('AuthenticationMode = "digest" ')
//string ls_string
//ls_string = "address='http://proxyname:80',"
//ls_string += "userID='user', password='paswd'"
//rc = isc_conn.SetProxyServerOptions (ls_string)

//rc = isc_conn.SetBasicAuthentication ("http://test.webservice.com/",
"User", "Passwd")

//	rc = isc_conn.UseIntegratedWindowsAuthentication (false)
//ws_1.AuthenticationMode = "digest"
 	 RetVal =	pw_service.webCreateProposal(  p_value ) ;

CATCH ( SoapException ex_reversal )
	error handling_reversal
	Destroy isc_conn
	Return -1
end try

I am waiting your advices

12/24/2009 5:28:38 PM
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Hi again,

  I couln'd get any reply but it seem related to .Net Enginee not
supported SetBasicAuthentication method
I am still waiting reply.


12/28/2009 9:31:48 AM

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