Please help - active x control not being created on the client


I am still trying to get the active x control to download from our
production web server to any client machines.

I was able to setup the page to run in conjunction with my local web
server.  The control downloads, and my registry is updated so that the
next time the page is opened, the active x control loads.

It would be nice to see the same behavior when accessing a similar page
on the network web server.  I unregistered the control, then accessed
the htm page on our web server.  The active x control does not
download!   Is there something wrong with the following script?

The web page displays, but the active x control appears as a red x.  All
the files including the ie4_wdk2.htm are located at the url:

Thanks, Adam

<object ID="activex1"
WIDTH="32" HEIGHT="32">
  <param name="ClientInputFile" value="/webinstall/browse98.wdk">
  <param name="SetupFile" value="/webinstall/PBWDKWebClient.setup">
  <param name="ServerName" value="ns-cam-fs1">
  <param name="Border" value="0">
  <param name="IconFile" value="/webinstall/maintain.ico">
  <param name="OptionsFile" value="/webinstall/options.ini">

2/21/2000 9:01:17 PM
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