how to make sybase sql server 11 use the raw logic volume group on HP_UX k220 as the database device

thanks if anyone can give me the correct way to do it
10/13/1997 9:01:50 AM
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You need to first setup the volume group and logical volumes in SAM, but
don't put a filesystem on the drive, just list it as used by other.
Next, you will need to go into Sybase SQL Monitor and create the
database device on that drive.  When you create the device, it will ask
for logical name, physical name and size (and a lot of other stuff).
I've really only had to change these three.  For logical name, you can
enter whatever you want to call the device.  For physical name, enter
the path to the drive (i.e. /dev/vg01/rlvol1, or whatever logical volume
you setup in SAM. You can see what's there by changing to /dev/vg01
<--your volume group # here, and doing an "ls".  For size, enter the
size of the logical volume.  Once you click OK, it might take a few
minutes depending on the size of your volumes.

that's all there is to it, you then just tell Sybase you want your
database to use that device, or if your database already exists, you
might need to use the "alter database" command.


csyd wrote:

> thanks if anyone can give me the correct way to do it

10/15/1997 1:41:20 PM