date of last update stats & sp_recompile

How would I check to see when update statistics for a table and sp_recompile
on a table was last run?
Preferably by means of isql.

2/15/2001 3:25:40 PM
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 select moddate from sysstatistics where id = object_id("<table name>")

You know, this doesn't work in 11.5 or lower version, only for 11.9.2 or


Simo wrote:

> Hi,
> How would I check to see when update statistics for a table and sp_recompile
> on a table was last run?
> Preferably by means of isql.
> Thanks.

2/15/2001 4:47:59 PM

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I happen to come across this, and was curious. I can see updating the DB statistics to reflect proper index retrieval. However, what is the "sp_recompile" function doing ? How would a stored procedure have "compile time" access to the array of index statistics ? Phil - sp_recompile is flagging the sproc, telling the server to recompile the query plan next time it is executed. Query plans are stored in sysprocedures, the source code in syscomments. When a sproc is compiled, it uses the current stats to create the query plan. If the stats become outda...

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EXEC sp_updatestats EXEC sp_recompile N'schema.yourProcedure'; -
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