ODBC Connection problems...

I'm attempting to connect to SQL Server through a ODBC source. I can
conncect through normal means, but when I try to set it up for ODBC it
cannot connect. Does any one have any ideas? The error code that I am
getting is -1 for PB and 999 for SQL Server. This is the exact text:
SQLSTATE = IM001 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not support
this function

Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

Jacob Aldridge

9/13/1999 1:18:43 PM
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> I'm attempting to connect to SQL Server through a ODBC source. I can
> conncect through normal means, but when I try to set it up for ODBC it
> cannot connect. Does any one have any ideas? The error code that I am
> getting is -1 for PB and 999 for SQL Server. This is the exact text:
> SQLSTATE = IM001 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not 
> support this function
Perhaps an obvious question, but are you using the right ODBC driver? (Called "Sybase System 11").

Can you connect using MSQuery or similar (rather than through PB)?

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