Intersolv/ADO Timeout Error

Hi All,
I'm getting an error upon calling certain stored procs from Sybase11. Of the
many sp's we have on this system, we have 6 that, from time to time will
just not run. They return this error:

    Run-time error '-2147217871' (which is an ado error# - Execution aborted
because a resource limit    has been reached; no results have been returned)
    ct_results(): user api layer: Internal Client Library error: Read form
the server has timed out.

The funny thing is, these are not huge stored procs. They only run for about
20 -30 secs before returning this error. I am using Intersolv OLE-DB 2.0,
ADO, Visual Basic 6.

Thanks for any ideas...

1/18/1999 5:28:37 PM
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We are having the same issue and we are unable to find what is needed to 
correct this issue.
5/1/2001 4:23:32 PM