significant difference between 11.9.2 and


we have two database servers. one with Adaptive Server 11.9.2, the other 
with Adaptive Server
On both are exactly the same databases. In one table there is a char(1) 
column bound to a user datatype including a rule, which allows only a "Y" 
or a "N". The column is allowed to have NULL values

If I try to insert a row under 11.9.2 nothing happens, I can insert a NULL 
value in this column.

Under I get the error 522 "A column insert or update conflicts 
with a rule bound to the column ..... "

I cannot explain that for myself. Is there a significant difference between 
the two versions regarding rules and NULL values?

Since this is urgent, I would appreciate if anyone could give me an answer 
about that "funny" behavior.
10/16/2000 9:44:33 AM
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Which EBF you are running ??
10/16/2000 7:42:08 PM
we use EBF9159.

We think that this is a bug in Sybase and we are going to report it to 
What happened is this:

We open a read only cursor on a table and read a nullable column with 
datatype char(1) into a stored procedure variable. To say it clear, in the 
database stands NULL, after reading into variable appears ' ', a blank. 
Quite strange we think, because this happens not to all char(1) or other 

If you have any suggestion, we would be very glad to get your answer.
Thank you in advance.
10/18/2000 4:50:11 PM

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