Dynamic SQL - Embedded SQL/C

We have a problem with one cursor, in Embedded SQL/C that uses DYNAMIC SQL.

The cursor works fine in SQL Advantage, and when NOT using the ? (dynamic

Other similar dynamic sql cursors work fine also.

This cursor always returns SQL NOT FOUND - even though it should be
returning multiple rows.
We have SQLSERVER 11.0.x           - UNIXWARE
And we have Adaptive Server 11.5   - NT

Same results.

Please help.


12/9/1997 5:12:42 PM
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Could you post your cursor code (declare, open, fetch, while loop) along
with index structures of your cursor's table.

Not saying that I know what the problem is ... but your 'description' is
kinda, sort ... uhhhh ... vague?

Mark Parsons
Iron Horse, Inc.

Todd Hampson wrote:
> We have a problem with one cursor, in Embedded SQL/C that uses DYNAMIC SQL.
> The cursor works fine in SQL Advantage, and when NOT using the ? (dynamic
> SQL).
> Other similar dynamic sql cursors work fine also.
> This cursor always returns SQL NOT FOUND - even though it should be
> returning multiple rows.
> We have SQLSERVER 11.0.x           - UNIXWARE
> And we have Adaptive Server 11.5   - NT
> Same results.
> Please help.
> Todd.C.Hampson@boeing.com
12/11/1997 3:06:38 AM

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