how to convert form string to number and back?

I have to read and write some number-values form/to the ultralite-DB. In the
reference-DB (Sybase) the fields are defined as numeric(16,6).

I have tried the following in CodeWarrier:

1) Defne the fields in the sql declare section as static char fieldname[17].
This works for download / upload, and showing the values.
But if I have to UPDATE the table I get an SQLE_CONVERSION_ERROR

2) Define the fields as DECL_DECIMAL(16,6).
Now I can't show the value and can't get the Palm-field and write it to the
defined variable because I have only found a sample code to get and set the
Palm-field-values as char-variables.(fldGetTextHandle)

I think all would work if I was able to define the fields as char (like it
works in the first try) and convert them to numerical values only for the
UPDATE -SQL-command.
In the reference-manual for Palm-developers I have found routines in the
section "FloatManager" fplAToF and fplFToA, but they need exponential-format
for the strings.

I'm not a C- or C++-developer. Since now I used Delphi, where I can convert
from string to numbers and back. I KNOW that this is possible in C too, but
I don't know HOW.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this?

Many thanks,
Siegbert Glodek

9/14/2001 1:46:17 PM
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