Wrting scripts in .Net with .Net Framework 1.1 on Windows XP


I wrote a class that has a method declared to handle the authenticate_user
event. I have added the connection script in the ASA 9 database with the
following command:

ml_add_dnet_connection_script( 'default','authenticate_user',
'myNamespace.myClass.myMethod' )

The connection script appears correct in the database:

I am starting the Mobilink Server by dbmlsrv9 -c "dsn=DatabaseName" -o
MyLog.log -v+ -dl -sl dnet ( -MLAutoLoadPath=c:\assembly )

(I have also tried to use a configuration file)

When I do start the Mobilink server I got the following log message:

 Loaded Assembly "FTSPCClient, Version=1.0.1528.28599, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=null" from "file:///c:/assembly/FTSPCClient.DLL" into Domain

So it seems like my assembly (FTSPCClient) is loaded successfully.

I then initiate synchronization from the client but then I got the following
error written out by the Mobilink Server:

 [MLUser]: Error: Unable to load Assembly "FTSPCClient" into domain
E. 03/09 10:58:30. <1.5> [MLAnvandare]: Error: No Assembly in domain
"DefaultMobiLinkDNetScriptingDomain" contains type

(FTSDemo is my namespace where my class MobiLinkScripts can be found and the
MobiLinkScripts class has a method that matches the name of the method
specified in the connection script)

I was figuring about that the facts that I'm running this on Windows XP and
that I am developing using the dot net 1.1 framework could cause the
problem? I mean, if MobiLink assume .Net framework version 1.0 as default?

To try this, I even tried to specify the .Net framework version 1.1.433 as a
parameter but then the mobilink server will not even start. The MobiLink
documentation says that specifying -clrVersion=1.0.3705 will load the
directory \WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705 but will the
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 directory be loaded if I am
running windows XP and specify  -clrVersion=1.0.3705 instead?

Any help why I am not able to load and execute the script during my
synchronization would be very much appreciated!

Kind regards

3/9/2004 10:29:08 AM
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"Daniel" <daniel.sonebrandt@sjofartsverket.se> wrote in

Please ALWAYS include version and MORE importantly BUILD number 
with EACH post (dbeng9 -v).

For a case like this we would have to see some source code to give a
reasonable answer.

I have had this problem when I define the class like this.
namespace TestScripts {
    class Mover {
I have forgotten to instead define the class as:
namespace TestScripts {
    public class Mover {
If the class is not public Mobilink can not load it since it is loading
the class from outside the assembly.

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Please ALWAYS include version and MORE importantly BUILD number with 
EACH post (dbeng9 -v).

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3/10/2004 8:10:07 PM