Unload load DB

I am changing from SQLAnywhere 8.0.2 to 9.0!

Now i have the problem that my special german
characters will not displayed correctly in 9.0!
What do i wrong?

My Steps till now where:
1) I tried to open the 8.0.2 DB from Central.
2) Central asked me to unload the db load the database
    into 9.0 DB .

After that I special characters where not correct displayed!

Ternek Christian

3/24/2004 1:29:48 PM
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Christian Ternek wrote:
> I am changing from SQLAnywhere 8.0.2 to 9.0!
> Now i have the problem that my special german
> characters will not displayed correctly in 9.0!
> What do i wrong?
> My Steps till now where:
> 1) I tried to open the 8.0.2 DB from Central.
> 2) Central asked me to unload the db load the database
>     into 9.0 DB .
> After that I special characters where not correct displayed!
> Thanks
> Ternek Christian
Hello Christian,

In version 9.0, the SQLLOCALE environment variable is no longer 
supported. The SQLLOCALE environment variable has been replaced by two 
new environment variables, ASLANG and ASCHARSET.

The two new environment variables, ASLANG and ASCHARSET, control 
languages used in interfaces (such as Sybase Central or Interactive SQL) 
and messages. ASLANG specifies the language, and ASCHARSET specifies the 
character set.

In your case, consider using the following:

For more information see the following section in the on-line help:

    ASA Database Administration Guide
       International Languages and Character Sets
          International language and character set tasks
             Setting locales


Tim McConnell
Certified ASA Developer Version 8
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3/24/2004 2:54:10 PM

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