Unload .db into Tables

I have a product called Sharkware that I believe uses SQL Anywhere database 
engine.  Pardon my lack of technical wording, we are a small sales office 
using Sharkware as a contact manager.  Anyways, we would like to export all 
of the data into tables from a shark.db file that we have been building on 
for 12 years.  I have tried doing it in Excell and have not had any sucess. 
 I have tried using the SQL Central in the Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0 
directory, and I get to the point where it starts to unload, but cannoit 
start the database engine.  I am doing this from a workstation as opposed 
to the server that is running the .db  We have a NT4.0 network.  Sharkware 
has been bought out by Maximizer and no longer supports the product, so I 
am unable to contact them.

Are there any consultants or people inthe Milwaukee, WI area that perhaps 
could take a look at my database and export this material into table for 
us.  We are looking at products like ACT and Goldmine to replace Sharkware 
and need to get the data into tables.

I can be reached at midweste@execpc.com or 262-893-3440


3/12/2002 5:01:50 PM
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