Thanks to Leo Tohill - Team Powersoft! Where can I get 5.5.04?

5/19/1998 7:27:08 AM
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Thanks for the thanks!  But what for?

For 5.5.04, go to, choose "support" and follow the yellow brick road.  You'll have to

Leo Tohill - Team Powersoft
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5/19/1998 12:56:50 PM

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I hope this has not been asked to death? But I will be upgrading our test system from 5.5.02 build 1495 to either 5.5.03 or 5.5.04. First is there anything in 03 that is not included in 04? Second, are there any known problems with 04? I'll listen to facts, rumors, opinions, etc. TIA Shannon 5.5.04 seems pretty stable. -- Terry Black HCIA, Inc. Shannon Griffith wrote in message ... >I hope this has not been asked to death? But I will be upgrading our test >system from 5.5.02 build 1495 to either 5.5.03 or 5.5.04. First is there >a...

5.5.03 OR 5.5.04 ?
I've just installed the 5.5.04 maint release. On opening my database (created in 5.5), its properties state that the version is 5.5.03. As many have no doubt upgraded to 5.5.04, could someone pls advise if this is 'correct' behaviour? Many thanks in advance -- MAX HUGEN Hugen Enterprises Pty Ltd Email: Tel: +612 9560 3061 Fax: +612 9564 5073 >I've just installed the 5.5.04 maint release. On opening my database >(created in 5.5), its properties state that the version is 5.5.03. >As many have no doubt upgraded to 5.5.04, could...

Netware 5 with SQLA 5..04 with the EBF for SQLA 5.5.04
After installing this EBF we can now start SQLA on Netware 5 but we have many troubles! (e.g. stoping the DB-engine can abend the Netware-Server, sometimes nobody can't login, ...) Is there any further resolution? Thanks! When you have troubles with an EBF you need to talk directly to Tech Support. -- Jim Egan [TeamPS] Dynamic Data Solutions, Inc. Houston, TX *********************************************************** Enterprise Applications in Your Future? JumpStart...

upgrade 5.5.04 to 5.5.05
I have build 1982 of 5.5.04 installed and tried to install 5.5.05 over this since there were a lot of bug-fixes. After installation had finished I notised that the installation had not replaced any files. I suspect the reason is that build 1982 of 5.5.04 has newer date (sep. 7. 99) than 5.5.05 (july 22. 99). What is the best version for me to use? If 5.5.05. is the best version, how should i upgrade? Thanks in advance, Lars Yes this is true - we look at file dates Please backup your software, then install 5.5.04 off your CD, then install 5.5.05 patch Lars Inge ...

Upgrading from 5.5.00 to 5.5.04
Greetings everyone I currently have the dubious honour of looking into upgrading our 5.5.00 database to 5.5.04 (the comments I have read in this ng regarding ASA 6 lead me to believe that a greater leap is too dangerous at this time). Our only previous experience of upgrading the database was a move from 5.0.02 to 5.5.00 which resulted in breaking our accounting module leading to numerous fixes and costly retesting. The breakages were mainly due to behavioural changes of the ODBC driver (e.g. in stored procs - not using the result clause for the column names and types for backward ...

Moving from 5.5.00 to 5.5.04
All, We are making the move from 5.5.00 to 5.5.04 build # 1888 (A little late but making it none the less). We have been running 5.5.00 from inception and have been plagued by the missing primary key row problem as well as some passthrough problems. We have made some PASSTHROUGH changes to the current publications. To be safe, I am planning on removing all pubs and subscribers at each of the consolidated sights and redoing same after upgrading to 1888. Is there anything special I should do with respect to the consolidated database (Upgrade utility, etc) to ensure I get the best possi...

SQL Anywhere 5.5.04 and jConnect 5.5
Does jConnect 5.5 work with SQL Anywhere 5.5.04? I was just wondering since the Installation Guide for jConnect 5.5 states that Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5.23 is required. If the two are incompatible, then what jConnect version will work with SQL Anywhere 5.5.04 and where can it be downloaded? Thank you. Do this search in Google Groups: "SQL Anywhere 5" jconnect group:*.sqlanywhere.* Looks like you need to go through OSG, which is described in the Help: SQL Anywhere User's Guide PART 4. Transact-SQL Compatibility CHAPTER 32. Using the Open Server Gateway ...

Patching SQLA 5.5.01 to 5.5.04
Patched all clients and remote sites to 5.5.04, and replication sometimes halts on the Netware server running 5.5.01. So I need to patch it right? Okay, How! I d/l the patches for server and Replication but am not getting anywhere with them: I can't get the setup.exe to point to the Netware system files area as it asks. No matter what I enter as the path it will insist on deleting c:\sqlany50\win32! Making no mention of a Netware area--not even in the setup file. Help. Andre. d/l: and ...

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Run 5.5.00 + 5.5.04 on same server?
Is it possible to run two separate engines of different versions on the same server? I have a customer that has a third party application running 5.5.00 on Novell Netware. My application has been tested under 5.5.04. The customer would like each app to run under their recommended configurations, so he's looking at running 2 instances of the database engine NLM, one for the third party app and the second for our app. Is this possible, and if so, are there any issues with the engine being of different versions (they would be installed to a separate directory on the Novell server, ...

Problem shifting from 5.5.04 to 5.5.05
Hi, I'm not sure I've picked the right newsgroup, but anyway I have the following problem: I use ADO to access the database. Whenever I needed a new entry I used to do: recordset.Open( SELECT * FROM AnyName WHERE ID = -1 ) which opened an empty recordset cause there's never an ID -1 recordset.AddNew recordset: set some values recordset.Update this used to work with Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5.04. Now I've changed to 5.5.05 and this doesn't work no more. The Update doesn't fail, but still nothing goes to the database. If I open the recordset with a command t...

SQL Anywhere 5.5.04 and 5.5.05
I have several queries, all of which involve outer joins, that produce different results when run against SQL Anywhere versions 5.5.05 Build #2787 and 5.5.04 Build #1867. I realize the outer join syntax is awkward and it does produce an error when run against version 7 of SQL Anywhere. However, I didn't expect different results within version 5 releases. I'm going to have the queries reconstructed, but I'm looking for an explanation on what happened between those two releases. I have scoured the documentation and release notes for .04, .05, and even the 7.0 documentation....

dbbackup change from 5.5.04 to 5.5.05
I'm trying to figure out how to adjust my "dbbackup" command script to work with SQL Anywhere 5.5.05 changes. Under 5.5.04, the following command would run from either the NT4 server or client PCs: dbbackup.exe -c "dbn=dbname;uid=dba;pwd=dba_pw" -d -t -y archive_dir After the 5.5.05 update, I can only get dbbackup running by adding the "eng" to the connect string AND only from a client PC: dbbackup.exe -c "dbn=dbname;uid=dba;pwd=dba_pw;eng=dbserver" -d -t -y archive_dir I cannot seem to get the script running on the NT serv...

Migration from 5.5.04 to 5.5.05 on Netware
Hi! Could I run into trouble in the following scenario: We have an app that uses 5.5.04. The server used to be 5.5.04, too. Now the client has updated Netware to version 5 and the server crashes. I've been told to upgrade to 5.5.05 EBF. Question: Are there any known problems using an app with 5.5.04 on a Netware server with 5.5.05? Regards, Heinz You must get an EBF from Tech Support to run 5.5.04 on Netware 5. Or you could save yourself the trouble and just download 5.5.05 which will run on Netware 5 without any EBF. -- Jim Egan [TeamSybase] Houston, TX Sybas...

Sql Anywhere 5.5.01 to 5.5.04
Hi everyone, I want to update my SQL anywhere 5.5.01 to a 5.5.04. I went to sybase internet address but I can not found anything. Somebody knows were to found it? Thanks ----------------------------------- Frederic MARGARIDO Go to Leo Tohill - Team Powersoft -- Please post in newsgroup, not via email < ...

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