SQL Anywhere 5.5.05 with MS SQL Server

I have a client who would like to run SQL Anywhere 5.5.05 on the same server
machine as Microsoft SQL server.  Is this possable.  What type of issues
should I expect.  Any information would be helpful.  TIA


2/19/2000 8:54:17 PM
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Christopher K. Taylor wrote:
> I have a client who would like to run SQL Anywhere 5.5.05 on the same server
> machine as Microsoft SQL server.  Is this possable.  What type of issues
> should I expect.  Any information would be helpful.  TIA

Yes, you can run both of these environments on the same machine. The
only issues I can think of have to do with running command line
utilities, such as ISQL.exe. Depending upon which product occupies the
higher position in your PATH statement, you may encounter complications
when talking to one or the other of your databases.

2/19/2000 9:53:33 PM
This shouldn't be a problem.  I have run MS SQL Server 6.5, Sybase ASE 
11.5 and SQL Anywhere at the same time on my server here at home.  Like 
Kathleen said you do need to be careful of the utilities as they are 
named similarly.  That naming problem was corrected in one of the ASA 6 
builds I believe.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX

Sybase Developers Network
2/20/2000 2:10:27 AM

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