RE: ASA text field to ASA text field


Sorry the versions I was using for the problem below were. 

Using ASE version
Using ASA version 

I'm trying to push data from ASE text to ASA text, I also had problems 
pulling an ASE text field from ASA using proxy tables.

I'm having problems populating an ASA text field with data from an ASE text 

field using CIS(component integration services) from ASE to link up to ASA. 

After running the SQL statement it appears to put NULLS in the ASA field. 
All other data types appear to work fine. I know you can use 
readtext/writetext to read/write text fields properly but it requires a 
size parameter. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is the SQL I'm trying to run;

insert asa_invt_prod_note
from research_tst.dbo.invt_prod_note 
where invt_prod_id = 37500003 and note_type = 'B'

*The note field in the above is the text field.

Using ASE version
Using ASA version 
2/28/2002 6:10:57 AM
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