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What tools are availble with ASA 7 (WinNT) for performance monitoring.  We 
have a system that is getting pegged to 100% CPU utilization, and we're 
guessing right now it's an adhoc query.   Is there a way to see who is 
doing what on the system at any given time?
10/30/2002 8:21:55 PM
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ASA 8 has a feature which allows you to do this; in ASA 7 it's a bit more

In ASA 8, you must first enable capturing of the last statement prepared by
each connection by specifying the -zl server command line option or by
    call sa_server_option('Remember_last_statement','ON')
Then the last statement for each connection can be displayed via:
    call sa_conn_activity()

In ASA 7, your best approach would be to enable request-level logging on the
server. To do this, add -zr sql -zo filename to the server start line, or:
    call sa_server_option('Request_level_log_file','path\filename.out');
    call sa_server_option'(Request_level_logging','SQL');
After the problem has shown itself, you can disable logging with:
    call sa_server_option'(Request_level_logging','OFF');
and then examine the log to see what requests were active at the time the
server was slow.

Whitepapers, TechDocs, bug fixes are all available through the iAnywhere
Developer Community at

<Tom_Iarusso> wrote in message
> What tools are availble with ASA 7 (WinNT) for performance monitoring.  We
> have a system that is getting pegged to 100% CPU utilization, and we're
> guessing right now it's an adhoc query.   Is there a way to see who is
> doing what on the system at any given time?

10/31/2002 2:46:56 PM
Thank you.  We will try that and see if we can't find the offending SQL.
10/31/2002 3:45:32 PM

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