help on updating database sql anywhere 5.0 to sql adaptive server 7.0

If anyone knows how to update db to adaptive server 7.0
11/23/2000 3:54:59 PM
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You have two choices :

1) Run dbunload against your v5.0 database to generate a reload.sql and a
series of .dat files that contain the data in the tables.  You can use
either the v7 dbunload or the v5 dbunload (unless the database participates
in a replication, in which case the v7 dbunload should be used).  Now, at
v7, initialize a new database, and run dbisqlc to read the reload.sql file.
This will re-create all the schema that existed in the old database and
re-load all the data.  You can discard the reload.sql and .dat files once
this completes

2) Run the v7 dbupgrad.exe tool against your v5 database.  This will upgrade
all the system tables to v7.  However, enhancements made to v7 that affect
how data is stored in the db file cannot be used on the database that was

Reg Domaratzki
Sybase iAnywhere Solutions
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ASA Patches and EBFs :
   -> Choose SQL Anywhere Studio
   -> Set "Platform Preview" and "Time Frame" to ALL and click "GO"

<> wrote in message
> If anyone knows how to update db to adaptive server 7.0

11/23/2000 4:14:02 PM
Upgrading from 5.x to 7.0 can be non-trivial depending on how your
application is structured and configured. This topic is covered IN
DEPTH in the Help file (27 pages in the printed manual)...

ASA Getting Started 
  PART 1. Moving to Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0     
    CHAPTER 6 . Upgrading Version 5 Applications
About this chapter 
The client/server communication protocol changed between SQL Anywhere
versions 5 and Adaptive Server Anywhere version 6. This chapter
provides upgrade instructions for those users upgrading from Version 5
to the Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0 release.
This chapter describes upgrade procedures for users of SQL Anywhere
Versions 5.0 and 5.5, and users of Watcom SQL 4.0.

Understanding upgrades
Review of SQL Anywhere Version 5 architecture
Upgrading Embedded SQL applications
Upgrading ODBC applications
Using the compatibility library
Capturing dbclient command-line information
Upgrading databases
Upgrading SQL Remote installations


On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 10:54:59 -0500, wrote:

>If anyone knows how to update db to adaptive server 7.0

11/23/2000 9:10:53 PM