General error : internal database error ??? - transaction rollback

I have a client that is running Novell 4.1 with sqlanywhere 5.5.04;   At
this installation the workstations are constantly crapping out with the
above mentioned error;  We have tried most everything as it relates to the
novell OS - even installed the latest servicepack (7); but to no avail;  I
am usually pretty good at solving problems but this one doesn't give me
enough to go on;  does anyone have a suggestion or two about what might be
happening ?  I have 20 other installations running novell 4.1 with no


Dennis Hank

11/3/1999 11:01:23 PM
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Have you tried comparing the SQLA installation on your "crappy" machines
with the ones on your good machines? I suspect an installation problem.

What installations were done on these workstations at the time they
started failing?

11/4/1999 2:03:35 AM
There usually is an Assertion Failure error number with this.  To capture 
it you may have to add "-o <filename>" to the LOAD line.

It sounds like you'll need to rebuild your database.  See "Rebuild" in 
the online help.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX
11/4/1999 3:05:43 AM
>> It sounds like you'll need to rebuild your database.
Whoa! Time out!

My recollection of the original post was that this was a multi-user
database and only one workstation was having this crashing problem. All
the other workstations are running fine.

If there was a problem with the db file, wouldn't all workstations be

11/4/1999 7:19:39 PM
On Wed, 3 Nov 1999 21:05:43 -0600, (Jim Egan)

>There usually is an Assertion Failure error number with this.  To capture 
>it you may have to add "-o <filename>" to the LOAD line.
>It sounds like you'll need to rebuild your database.  See "Rebuild" in 
>the online help.

When I have seen this in the past, it usually meant an underlying
database issue.  Most of the time, cycling the server fixed it - that
was 5.5x.  Have not seen this error with 6.x (yet).  Have you run a
dbvalid yet?

11/4/1999 10:42:50 PM
He said workstations at one site are crapping out.  That site appears to 
be independent of other sites.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX
11/5/1999 2:27:07 AM
Okay, we need to clear this up. I wish the original poster would return!

(If everytime I'm wrong and you're right I owe you a beer you're gonna
be pretty well set for the next 5 years if I don't get a few of

11/5/1999 4:15:45 PM
Well, if you never go to one of the Sybase user conferences then you'll 
never have to come clean on the brewski's. <g>
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX
11/6/1999 2:41:12 AM
>> Sybase user conferences
The next one in So. Calif. I'll go!


11/8/1999 5:10:09 PM
Yeah, right.  It was in L.A. two years ago and where were you? <g>
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX

Sybase Developers Network
11/9/1999 2:37:54 AM

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