ASA7, ADO, Delphi and Stores Procedures


I'm developing with Delphi 5 and access ASA7 with the
ADO express components. So far, so good.

Now I've got a weird problem calling stored procedures:
As long as I call stored procedures that only have
integer parameters everything is ok. But calling a
stored procedure that has a string parameter leads
me to a exception "unknown error".

Here's how I call my stored procedure:

with ADOCommand do begin
  Parameters[0].Value := iIntegerValue;
  Parameters[1].Value := sStringValue


  Result := Parameters[4].Value;

If I use ODBC instead of ADO to connect to ASA7
this piece of code works perfect. Only ADO causes
trouble (again).

Any ideas?


8/30/2000 7:04:44 AM
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