Adding new field to table

Using SQLAnywhere 5.5.04 and NT 4.0 with about 30 users on the network, 
when I add a new field to a table should I tell everyone to get off the 
2/10/2000 5:09:45 PM
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Rick Charnes wrote:
> Using SQLAnywhere 5.5.04 and NT 4.0 with about 30 users on the network,
> when I add a new field to a table should I tell everyone to get off the
> network?

They can be on the network, but they should probably log out of the
database. If any user has a cursor open to the table you are attempting
to alter, the database engine will raise an error message telling you
that [name of logged in user] has the table locked.

As a general practice, it's a good idea to get all users of out the
database when you are performing changes to database objects (DDL stuff,
updating stored procs, etc.).

2/10/2000 8:27:35 PM
My opinion is an emphatic "Clear the server, I'm making BIG changes".  
I've screwed up a production database before by making changes while the 
users were in.  This was a few years ago and I'm sure that what ever 
problem I encountered has been fixed, but it pays to be careful.  You 
want the users out of the database for two reasons:
1) So you can cleanly and quickly back it up first,
2) So you can get the changes done more quickly without the users getting 
in your way.
3) So you don't get in the users way.

Some changes, like adding users, are OK to run with everyone on the 
system.  Structure changes, IMO, are best left to times when only the dba 
is logged in.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX

Sybase Developers Network
2/11/2000 2:36:11 AM

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