close query


I have this syntax :

"var whattodo = document.value.whattodo + "";
var newsletter = document.value.newsletter + "";
var email = + "";
var login = document.value.login + "";
var password = document.value.password + "";
var newsletter_langage = document.value.newsletter + "";

var result_param;
var dberror=false;
var i=0;
var myconnect;
var mysql;

myconnect = psServer.GetConnection("beautyexploitation");

mycommand = myconnect.CreateCommand("SET OPTION quoted_identifier =

if ( myconnect.GetError() == null )

myquery = "select users.Password from users where users.Email = " + "\""
+ login + "\""  ;

 mycursor = myconnect.CreateCursor ( myquery );
 if ( myconnect.GetError() == null )
      for (i=0; (!mycursor.EOF()); i++)
        result_param = mycursor.GetValue(0);
 else dberror = true;
else dberror = true;

if ( dberror == true )
 errobj = myconnect.GetError();
 str = errobj.GetCode() + " " + errobj.GetMessage();

How close cursor and query ?

I have use
and myquery.close();
but it doesn't work.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance

2/15/2000 3:16:39 PM
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