Stored procedure in powerbuilder

hi there

could anyone help me on how to define a transaction userobject to hold all
my SP on sybase system12 to be controled and managed in easy way

thanks in advance

Waleed Seada

12/3/2001 10:13:39 AM
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Create a new object inherited from a standard transaction object. You can
define local external RPC functions on this object and use the stored
procedures there. Use this object instead of the standard transaction object
for SQLCA. Then, you can call your stored procedures like:
SQLCA.proc_stored_procedure (ll_argument1, ll_argument2, ...)


"Waleed Seada" <> wrote in message
> hi there
> could anyone help me on how to define a transaction userobject to hold all
> my SP on sybase system12 to be controled and managed in easy way
> thanks in advance
> Barents/KPMG
> Waleed Seada

12/4/2001 2:21:47 PM

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Hi all - I'm trying to optimized my stored procedures to be a bit easier to maintain, and am sure this is possible, not am very unclear on the syntax to doing this correctly.  For example, I have a simple stored procedure that takes a string as a parameter, and returns its resolved index that corresponds to a record in my database. ie exec dbo.DeriveStatusID 'Created' returns an int value as 1 (performed by "SELECT statusID FROM statusList WHERE statusName= 'Created')  but I also have a second stored procedure that needs to make reference to&n...

I have finally been able to call a stored procedure written in cobol from powerbuilder 6. But I still got some problem . The call will work only if I initialize the output parameter to space (80) because the output parameter of the stored procedure is char(80) . Here is a sample that works. string ls_literal_OUTMSGF string ls_literal_RQT Ls_literal_RQT = 'I' ls_literal_OUTMSGF = space(80) SQLCA.TESTPROC (ls_literal_RQT, ls_literal_OUTMSGF ) If I initialize the output variable like the following statements. It bombs.(communication error) setnull ( ls_literal_OUTMSGF...

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Hi Group! I'm on ASA 8.02 Build 4411 writing sprocs in WATCOM SQL. I have a sproc which breaks a given string-parameter into pieces. It's result set contains the pieces, e.g. last line of sproc: "select item from mytable;". This sproc works fine. Now I need to call this procedure from another procedure which has a variable result set. I tried the following: <snip... set ll_retval = 0; call sp_breakstring(as_bzp,','); BreakLoop: while ll_retval <> 100 and not ll_retval < 0 loop set li_zaehler = li_zaehler + 1; fetch next sp_breakstrin...

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Can you do this? I have a sp that returns a list of eligible accounts and then I use that list in other sp but I don't want to keep copying the code, I would like to be able to use it as a sub query in other sp but I don't know if this is possible or what the syntax would be. Thanks, Aaron You cannot do that directly. You can: 1. Use User defined functions which can return a resultset 2. Use a local #temp table which can hold the resultset of the called stored procedure and use this #temp table in your subsequent processing INSERT #tempTable EXEC s...

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I have a stored procedure (A), which I need to call from another stored procedure (B). The data pulled from (B) is then inserted into a temporary table. The problem I am having is the stored procedure is in a loop, and it only runs once. I need it to run each time the statement loops. For example: In the cursor I have, there are 3 rows, so the statement should return 3 rows. However, only 1 row is returned, it looks like the stored procedure is only one once. What do I have to do to get it to loop?? DECLARE dCURSOR CURSOR FOR select ID, value1, value2 from table; OPEN dCU...

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I have a custom built users table for storing some values and I am also utilizing the aspnet_Users table. I want to delete a user from my users tables then execute the aspnet_Users_DeleteUser sproc and pass into the stored procedure the username of the user to delete because the DeleteUser method requires this. When I execute the command from within my web application I get the exception below. Both values are being obtained from the application and are represented in my DAL that is also below. Any thoughts as to why I am receiving this exception? Thanks. Procedure or functi...

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How do I call this stored procedure: CREATE Procedure hentSpecialPris ( @varenr int, @cvr int, @pris decimal(7,2) OUTPUT ) AS DECLARE @antal int SET @antal = 0 SET @antal = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM rabat WHERE varenr=@varenr and cvr = @cvr) IF @antal < 1 BEGIN SET @pris = (SELECT pris FROM vare WHERE varenr=@varenr) END ELSE BEGIN SET @pris = (SELECT pris FROM rabat WHERE varenr=@varenr and cvr = @cvr) END GO from another stored procedure?? I want to get the output value of the stored procedure? ...

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Hi,I am getting error when I try to call a stored procedure from another. I would appreciate if someone could give some example.My first Stored Procedure has the following input output parameters:ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.FixedCharges @InvoiceNo int,@InvoiceDate smalldatetime,@TotalOut decimal(8,2) outputAS .... I have tried using the following statement to call it from another stored procedure within the same SQLExpress database. It is giving me error near CALL.CALL FixedCharges (@InvoiceNo,@InvoiceDate,@TotalOut )Many thanks in advanceJames I believe you want to use 'EXEC' abad...

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Hello, I am now using Interbase again for a project and I am trying to do this: begin /* Procedure Text */ /* Steps: - Verify if protocol exists and fetch protocol id - add activity - add document - add activity protocol reeturn document id */ select id from protocols where protocols.protname = :protocol into :protid; /* protocol exists? Gooooood! */ if ( :protid is not null ) then begin execute addactivity(:userid,'New document') returning_values :actid; execute adddocument( :docname,:docpath...

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Cheers all! I'm developing a small aplication using SQL Anywhere. I have a huge stored procedure with a lot of INSERT statements. How can I check from PowerBuilder if they all succeeded? I assume that DECLARE statement must have an information of the return parameter , but I don't know how to handle it. Anyone knows the answer? Please don't cross post your questions. -- David Fishburn Sybase Please only post to the newsgroup TechWave 2000 July 30 - August 3 /2000 Sybase Developers Network

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Is it possible to call one sp from another sp?I've been hunting around for an example to do this and just can't seem to find one.Anyone have a link for this or a sample?Thanks all,Zath Yes, you can. Just use EXEC usp_secondStoredProc @params inside your first SP.Nick...

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is it possible to call a stored procedure from another stored procedure?-keeara g------------------ Inside your first Stored Procedure: exec <name of SP to run> <Eventual Parameters this SP requires> Here is a link to all you want to know about executing SPs from other SPs. You can even Execute SPs on other SQL Servers.RegardsAndre Colbiornsen ---------------------------------Seventh DayRåbygatan 1A,SE-223 61 LundSwedenMob.: +46-(0)708-97 78 79Mail:

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