Does anyone have a suggestion for the easiest and best way to implement
sockets in their PB application?


Shenn Sellers

10/25/2001 11:56:57 PM
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I use freeware OCX (SocketWrench) from Catalyst (
Wether it is the best implementation I don't know, but it works for me.


Shenn Sellers wrote:

>Does anyone have a suggestion for the easiest and best way to implement
>sockets in their PB application?
>Shenn Sellers

10/29/2001 2:08:17 PM

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In Socket.xs do I take it that this if (strEQ(name, "MSG_CTRUNC")) #if defined(MSG_TRUNC) || defined(HAS_MSG_CTRUNC) /* might be an enum */ return MSG_CTRUNC; #else goto not_there; #endif should be MSG_CTRUNC? As in: #if defined(MSG_CTRUNC) || defined(HAS_MSG_CTRUNC) /* might be an enum */ Secondly, EXPORTs MSG_URG, but there is no code to generate it in Socket.xs. Was this an oversight somewhere? Nicholas Clark On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 03:03:46PM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote: > In Socket.xs do I take it that this > > if (strEQ(...

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Does anyone have any configuration examples of how to set up a socket to socket connection. I would appeciate any examples or help anyone can offer. Thanks. Rob McGinness Rutland Regional Medical Center 802-747-6526 I guess that you talk about one AIM module that drives two socket conections. If you try to build such module, you must create two protocol objects within the project. Each protocol object can control its own related objects (frame, port, open, close, etc.) > Does anyone have any configuration examples of how to set > up a socket to socke...

perlipc doc has sample for doing a socket: use IO::Socket; $remote = IO::Socket::INET->new( Proto => "tcp", PeerAddr => "localhost", PeerPort => "daytime(13)", ) or die "cannot connect to daytime port at localhost"; while ( <$remote> ) { print } but it dies for me. i see 'daytime' in /etc/services at port 13. osx 10.1.3 perl 5.6.1 Just because something's in services, doesn't mean it's running. Services indicates "names" for port numbers, e.g., &quo...

Hola, qualcuno sa dirmi perch�: #!/usr/bin/perl use IO::Socket; #use diagnostics; my $host=$ARGV[0]; if(!$host){ die"\n"; } $|=1; $socket=IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr =>$host, PeerPort=>80, Proto=>"TCP") || die"$!\n"; print $socket "GET / HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n"; while(<$socket>){ print"$_\n"; } close($socket); FUNZIONA (scrivi e leggo dal socket),mentre al contrario: #!/usr/bin/perl use Socket; #use diagnostics; my $host=$ARGV[0]; if(!$host){ die"\n"...

How to get the ipaddress of the client machine using Socket programing,i want to check which r the pc's r connected to the server using any example will be very helpfull for me thanks in advance PrasantHI think therefore i'mvPras© If you're representing the client as a Socket, this class has a RemoteEndPoint Public property that is of type EndPoint. It encapsulates information about the client. If you're representing the client as a TcpClient, this class has a Protected Client property of type Socket (thus getting to the RemoteEndPoint). Protected meaning you have ...

Hi all!!! Can any body help me with some information or docs about Sockets with Power Builder. I'm Working with PB 6.5, but if you have an example in PB 7 I can use it. Now I'm waiting for your help. :-) If you mean three-tier apps, pb has it's own communication objects (transport, connection). If you need something more than that you can use third-party libraries as OLE objects, because you can't work from pob directly with wsock32.dll. <CARRADINE> wrote in message news:1111D847FE7E5A290058E38C85256C75.0058E3D185256C75@webforums... > Hi all!...

Dear The Expert, Where can I find complete articles for implementing windows socket in ASP.NET? TIA Winan...

I'll be simple. I would like Java style Sockets, and Server Sockets. So I can write pb apps to connect/interface/serve directly to other apps based on TCP/IP. Without having to resort to going to third party controls. I would also like my EAServer course not to be posponed for another two months because noone apart from myself wants to go. I've been booked in since Nov last year, and still noone in Sydney wants to go. I've been told that they won't even consider a one-one training session, I think that says quite a lot about why there is a sheer lack of interest i...

------=_NextPart_000_06EB_01C3BF4D.037FCCC0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable I have installed DBI-1.19, and trying to use radiator radius server to = call an MySQL query using DBI. I am getting the following error. My = actual socket is under /etc. I guess this error originates from the DBI. The install was perfect. Deen Wed Dec 10 18:29:47 2003: DEBUG: Handling request with Handler 'Realm=3DDEFAULT' Wed Dec 10 18:29:47 2003: DEBUG: Deleting session for mikem,, 1234 Wed Dec 10 ...

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May be this das not belong hire but I need to know. How can I determent that the packet was realy sent and received? How to disconect socket when there is no function for disconect? Milan, there is no way to see what is transmitted on the socket without doing hardward sniffing. as for closing the connection check out the property SocketReuseLimit. If you set that to 1 then it will close the connection after every call. -- Scott McReynolds Engineering Manager <Milan> wrote in message news:CCF158963E252705001EB0DD85256BEC.001EB0EA85256BEC@webforums... > May be th...

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