Problem: Different Data type in Oracle 8.0.4 and PowerBuilder 6.5

I've enountered a problem, i.e. in the PowerBuilder
script, I need to select one table in Oracle 8, but the field type in Oracle
Number, I can't get the data because the script doesn't support the type
Number. For

create table UserRole
( UserName  varchar2(12),
  PassWord  varchar2(12),
  RoleNum  Number(1));

in the script:
strUser = sle_1.text;
strPass = sle_2.text;
integer nRole

select RoleNum into :nRole from UserRole
where UserName = :strUser
and PassWord = :strPass

But it doesn't work, would you be kind enough to offer me a solution or some

Thanks for any suggention advance.

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1/22/2000 1:15:57 AM
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 SELECT Rolenum FROM Userrole
where UserName = :strUser
and PassWord = :strPass;
OPEN role_curs ;
FETCH role_curs INTO :nRole;
CLOSE role_curs;

Terry Dykstra (TeamSybase)
Canadian Forest Oil Ltd.
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Book Stack wrote in message ...
>I've enountered a problem, i.e. in the PowerBuilder
>script, I need to select one table in Oracle 8, but the field type in
>Number, I can't get the data because the script doesn't support the type
>Number. For
>create table UserRole
>( UserName  varchar2(12),
>  PassWord  varchar2(12),
>  RoleNum  Number(1));
>in the script:
>strUser = sle_1.text;
>strPass = sle_2.text;
>integer nRole
>select RoleNum into :nRole from UserRole
>where UserName = :strUser
>and PassWord = :strPass
>But it doesn't work, would you be kind enough to offer me a solution or
>Thanks for any suggention advance.
>               Book Stack

1/22/2000 3:26:59 AM

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